Miles for Me program in depth

Frequently Asked Questions

About the program

I sold my ticket as part of a tour package, do I qualify for the Miles For Me program?
Yes! Any qualified Cathay Pacific ticket sold in one of the eligible fare classes will be eligible for the Miles For Me program once your client has flown on the ticket.
I would like to travel soon, and would like to redeem my Asia Miles for an award ticket, can you transfer my miles immediately?
Unfortunately, miles are credited to our agents automatically by the Miles for Me program at the end of each month. Because this is an automated process, we're unable to grant requests for early mileage credits.

Transaction submission process

When will my earned mileage be credited into my personal frequent flyer program account?
At the end of each month, we send all approved transactions to your frequent flyer program to process. It takes them about a month to credit these transactions. For example: if your transaction was approved on May 15, 2018, then it will be sent to your frequent flyer program for mileage crediting the first week of June 2018.
When will my transaction be approved?
Typically, transactions take 21-30 days after the inbound flight is complete. If your transaction requires attention, email us at: (please include your membership username and the ticket number(s) in your email).
What is the deadline for submitting a transaction for mileage credit?
Transactions for roundtrip travel must be submitted online within 60 days from the passenger's outbound date of travel (departure date from North America), or submitted within 60 days from the passenger's one-way date of travel. Transactions submitted after 60 days do not qualify for mileage credit.
Can I make changes to a transaction which has already been approved?
No. Transactions cannot be modified once they have been approved.
My client changed his ticket from one-way to roundtrip, can I change my approved transaction to roundtrip (or two one-way) travel?
No. A ticket number cannot be re-submitted once the transaction has been approved, even if additional changes are made to the ticket.
There was a major delay in a Cathay Pacific flight and my client was protected to another carrier, am I still eligible for the Miles For Me award?
Yes! If you've sold a qualified Cathay Pacific ticket and your client has flown on the ticket, the sale is eligible for an Miles For Me award, regardless of the resulting carrier.

Membership and account

What Cathay Pacific flights qualify for the Miles for Me program?
Cathay Pacific transpacific flights between North America and Hong Kong as well as transborder flights between New York and Vancouver qualify for the Miles for Me program. As this is a North America based travel agent incentive program, flights sold to other Cathay Pacific destinations do not qualify.

Miles for Me program overview

Notes and acknowledgement

* Fees, taxes and surcharges may apply. The Miles for Me program allows you to earn miles in Asia Miles. Transpacific and transborder mileage credit cannot be combined. Economy Class travel does not qualify to earn miles. You must be an ARC or IATA-appointed travel agent located in the United States in order to participate in the Miles for Me program. Passenger must actually travel in order for agent to earn miles. Internet access and compatible web browser required to participate. Individuals are responsible for all personal costs incurred as the result of participation. See Miles for Me Terms and Conditions for details on participation. Restrictions and conditions apply. Cathay Pacific reserves the right to change or cancel the Miles for Me program without prior notice.

Asia Miles reserves the right to change the Asia Miles program rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers at any time without notice. Any such changes may affect your ability to use the awards or mileage credits that you have accumulated. For complete details about the Asia Miles program, visit

Miles for Me terms and conditions